March 3, 2013


MS Fram is a passenger vessel operated by the Norway-based Hurtigruten Group. The ship is named after the original Fram, the ship used by explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen. The ship operates in the Arctic Ocean and around Greenland in the summer, and cruises around Antarctica at other times of the year. In December 2007, the ship lost power and struck a glacier in Antarctica, sustaining damage to the starboard side; the collision did not affect the ship's seaworthiness... Read more at Wikipedia

Fram by Gunnar Ries zwo
Fram, a photo by Gunnar Ries zwo on Flickr.

MS FRAM Cruise ship by Marina & Enrique
MS FRAM Cruise ship, a photo by Marina & Enrique on Flickr.

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