March 6, 2013


MS Gemini is a cruise ship operated by Quail Travel Group. She was built in 1992 by Union Navale de Levante, Valencia, Spain for Crown Cruise Line as Crown Jewel. She has also sailed under the name Cunard Crown Jewel. She also operated as SuperStar Gemini for Star Cruises from 1995 to 2008. The Crown Jewel was built in 1992 for Crown Cruise Line (a subsidiary of EffJohn), and which was itself the merger of Finland Steamship Company and Johnson Line. The vessel Crown Jewel/Gemini is the largest cruise ship ever built in Spain... Read more at Wikipedia | Sister Ship: Braemar

Gemini in Gothenburg by Christopherkr
Gemini in Gothenburg, a photo by Christopherkr on Flickr.
Gemini by Andre Moura2010
Gemini, a photo by Andre Moura2010 on Flickr.
DSCN0118 by chin kin
DSCN0118, a photo by chin kin on Flickr.
DSCN0119 by chin kin
DSCN0119, a photo by chin kin on Flickr.
DSCN0122 by chin kin
DSCN0122, a photo by chin kin on Flickr.
DSCN0120 by chin kin
DSCN0120, a photo by chin kin on Flickr.

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