January 19, 2013

Costa Concordia

On 13 January 2012 at about 9:45 pm, in calm seas and overcast weather, under command of Captain Francesco Schettino, Costa Concordia struck a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the eastern shore of Isola del Giglio, off the western coast of Italy about 100 km (62 mi) northwest of Rome. This tore a 50 m (160 ft) gash on the port (left) side of her hull, which almost immediately flooded parts of the engine room and caused loss of power to her propulsion and electrical systems... Read more at Wikipedia
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The Costa Crociere cruise ship Costa Concordia leaving Grand Harbour in Malta in the evening light on the 30th September 2011. This ill-fated ship sank off the Isola del Giglio just over three months later on the 13th January 2012. Photo © Karl Borg

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Costa Concordia leaving Grand Harbour in Malta on September 30, 2011. Photo © Karl Borg

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