January 2, 2013

Send Us Your Own Photos

Send us your photos of cruise ships, interior and/or exterior to our email: adrianofgomes@sapo.pt. The selected photos will be published in the Blog 'All Cruise Ships'.

Terms and conditions:

  1. When sending email, please do not forget to put in the subject: 'All Cruise Ships'
  2. The minimum size is 640x480 and the photos should be sent as they were taken, without effects and in the original size. They must be newer than the photos of the ship, already posted on our Blog.
  3. You must enter your name, email (facebook, flickr, blog or website) ship name, date and place where the photo was taken.
  4. Do not send photos that were not taken by you.
  5. We guarantee that we will not use your photos for any purpose other than the mere publication in Blog 'All Cruise Ships' with the copyright in your name.
  6. The photos we received cannot be returned.
  7. We may have to edit the photos and resize them to better adapt to the content.
  8. We may have to delete older photos to make room for newer or better quality.
  9. Thank you for contributing your photos.

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